Nov 10


And fresh from that response, I muddied up my iPad screen (Why, Steve? Why? IT LOOKS SO NICE AND THEN YOU HAVE TO TOUCH THE SCREEN TO MAKE IT WORK!) by picking out the following missive. Oh how nimbly my fingers danced, fuck-ugly handsausages skipping across the glass!

Again, thanks for your response – I appreciate the time you’re taking to get back to me on all of this.

I’m happy to go with your assurance that the complaint is being taken seriously, so I suppose the meeting with the Regional Manager isn’t needed. That was down as an “if possible” on my letter anyway.

And thank you so much for taking up the suggestion for the donation – much appreciated, and if you could let me know when that’s done that would be fantastic. Please don’t misunderstand me, the offer of the goodie bag was much appreciated but I’m not the goodie bag sort of guy. You should have seen the trouble my wife had getting me to buy a man-bag for work. Weeks, that took her. Weeks.

The only thing I’m still unwilling to let go (and I’m really, really sorry to keep coming back to this) is the apology from the store manager himself. I don’t know how possible this is but I would hope that since there seems to be a fairly clear acknowledgement coming from GAME (from the CEO, to your office, staff on twitter etc) that something has gone wrong, it might be something worth considering. I apologised to Kenan *before I left the shop* because I felt I had put him on the spot in a less than ideal situation on his first day, so I don’t think an apology from the manager is too big an ask.

Let me know if this sounds ok. Again, thanks for the help and for the many responses. My faith isn’t completely restored but at least now it’s not lying on the ground whimpering, missing its wallet. :-)


So the Regional Manager face-to-face is out. Which is a pity, because I wouldn’t have minded meeting him/her to have a chat about this whole thing. Ah well. They did something nice by agreeing to the donation. In terms of faith in GAME I’m still more of an atheist, but small steps!

P.S. The man-bag? Took her weeks, but now I love it. All men should have a man-bag. They’re the future, I’m telling you.

4 Responses to “GAME: Eats, Shoots and Leaves”

  1. Lorian Orsi Says:

    A manbag, you say? Soon you’ll be wearing “guy liner” and “man-scara”.

    Be careful out there.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Be careful – and look brilliant – out there! :-)

  3. Duffman Says:

    “And thank you so much for taking up the suggestion for the donation – much appreciated, and if you could let me know when that’s done that would be fantastic.”

    Why do they need to let you know when it is done, do you not trust them to follow up on it?

  4. FawnDoo Says:

    Hi Duffman, a bit late to the party aren’t you? Welcome anyway!

    Trust didn’t really come into it: dunno if you’ve noticed but I was putting the back-and-forth with GAME up on my blog for others to follow, so thought I might as well ask them to let me know when they made the payment. That way I could just present things as they happened. As it was they confirmed they would pay it in the very next email, which was nice of them.

    Does that help?

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