Aug 25

I opened a tab in Firefox at about 9.20am, logged in to the boiled egg and intended to write something. It’s now 4.51pm, the building is about to get locked up and this bloody window is still open and empty. Who stole my day? Ah egg, how patient you are.

Aug 17

Bloody hell, June 21st eh?

I had no idea that when I clicked on the “Publish Post” button that day it would be the last time I would do so for such a long time. To be honest I’m trying to think why that day was the start of such a prolonged time away from the egg on my part, but I can’t pin down a single reason and every time I try I feel like I’m making excuses. Bad enough that anyone passing by here has to read my half-witted ramblings without my adding on the blogger equivalent of “the dog ate my homework”.

So let’s bring the egg up to speed, shall we? (Just imagine Majel Barrett’s voice saying “Last time, on the Boiled Egg of Infinity” as a montage of past entries flashes up on screen). Still getting married, more to tell on that one. Got a new car, old car written off by my insurance company after the crash at the end of May, more on that one too. Relieved that the recent heatwave has finally taken the hint and fucked all the way off (I don’t believe the Scots are designed to handle the heat all that well!). Slowly but surely being driven mad by Tokobots on the PSP. Shocked by a book detailing the moral vacuum at the centre of the arms trade. Busy at work. Found out that two of my friends are pregnant. Realised that I’ve missed doing this: taking a moment to reflect, cogitate and ramble on here.

The egg is not dead, and despite the best efforts of arseholes in blue Ford fiestas, nor am I. If you get bored reading some of those cool and exciting sites that are out there, feel free to pop by. I guarantee, my writing bores bits that other fat, unfunny Scottish bloggers just can’t reach.