Aug 06

After an enjoyable lunchtime sandwich, ten minutes of reading “The Pickwick Papers” and a cool bottle of diet coke (which was doubly welcome as, like a moron, I had worn my jacket only to find it was hot outside) there I was, wandering back to work when I passed a woman talking to a child with her that had (I assume) just asked for something to drink:

“Awright, take a drink then, but if you go aw looneyball on me, ah swear ah’ll batter ye.”

Parenthood, thy name is…well, I’m not sure. Anonymous woman in Glasgow? Chavtastic mother? What was she giving the poor child to drink, anyway? Heroinade?

I want to point out that this scene played out after I saw a man take a big drink from a plastic bottle, vomit and then take another drink. All in all, it’s not so much been a lunchtime as an adventure with a sandwich thrown in.