Dec 25

To one and all, my very best wishes for a merry christmas and a happy new year. And so, to celebrate the season, a musical effort from my own fair hand. Yes, that is me playing the tune. Admittedly on a crap electronic keyboard with numbered keys and a kid’s book helping me along, but as they always say it’s the thought that counts. Have a laugh on me and enjoy your holiday.

Dec 24

Honest, I’m not. Just married…and if anyone wants to make any jokes about there not being much to choose between the two states, then keep them to yourself! The pic above is our wedding rings. (hint: mine is the one that looks like a section of pipe off HMS Victorious, that would fit on Shrek’s hand. The other, more elegant one, belongs to the missus. Click on the pic to see a bigger version).

I must admit folks, I’ve been off enjoying my first month of the married life (verdict so far: it rocks!) which has been split into two parts – the first a calm, collected and chilled out two weeks on honeymoon, and the second a chaotic and mad two week rush picking up presents and getting everything ready for christmas day. Foolishly we put off thinking about christmas in any way at all until after the wedding, which left us with what can only be described as a tight holiday timescale!

So all of that, coupled with the usual rush at work to get things battened down for the holidays, has kept me away from blogging recently and it’s only now that I get a chance to sit down and compose a quick entry for the boiled egg. Right now, in the tiny calm spot between finishing the preparations for christmas and the big day landing on us, I get the chance to sit down and type something out.

Of course being the organised husband I am I now have to go wrap my wife’s presents so I shall stop typing and sign off for now. Gotta say though, I am still getting a kick out of typing “my wife”. Fantastic stuff.