Jul 02

Tonight my wife and I went on a date. We had a quick bite to eat after work, and then headed out to see The Hangover at the cinema. It’s an excellent film, very funny, with Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis as the stand-out performances. The structure of the film is also very clever, with the characters having to work out what happened the night before, and plot elements connecting nicely as they piece things together. All in all well worth picking up some tickets, though I have to say that Ed Helms is annoyingly musically talented, as well as being a good comedy actor.

While the film was great*, what I really enjoyed was heading out on a date. I hope that I never get so jaded that I can’t enjoy just heading out to the movies with my wife**. Of course I ate too much chocolate ice cream (damn freezer right next to where you buy the tickets, with the larger tubs right there in front of you) but it was a great night. Still too hot though. What I wouldn’t give for a clear, frosty night with a genuine chill in the air. So much fuss is made about summer but I’ve always been a fan of winter and the cold.***

* And even better, no-one around me talked at all during the film. Must be a record, because I always seem to attract the chatters at the cinema. I think I have a whistle on me somewhere that only pig-ignorant movie fans can hear, but tonight it seemed to be broken. Yay!

** What I mean is, there are married couples that still enjoy doing date-style stuff after they get married, and some married couples that just stop doing that sort of thing. I enjoy going on dates, even though we’re married, and hope it continues for a long time.

*** And sorry about all the footnotes. I should really rewrite the post and find a way to integrate them into the main text, but it’s too hot and a cold can of diet coke is awaiting my attention.