Sep 11

Pay no attention to the man in front of the curtain

Couldn’t help but laugh reading an article on The Scotsman website today. Our wonderful First Minister / Sontaran lookalike Alex Salmond was quoted today defending his party from attacks because it has skipped on including a referendum bill in it’s last parliamentary session before the elections. For a nationalist party elected on the promise of…well, I suppose…nationalism, it’s a bit of a glaring omission. However, this was elevated by First Minister Potato-Head’s brilliant defense. Aaaaaaand I quote:

However, Mr Salmond claimed there was no point bringing the bill forward when it was clearly about to be voted down.

“If the arithmetic of this chamber denies the will of the people, then we shall take our case to the country,” he announced, stating his aim to put the referendum at the heart of next year’s election campaign.

The report did not mention whether or not he opened a hatch on his back and pulled out his angry eyes at this point. I know where my money is going.

Now far be it from me to point out something to one of the leading political minds of our generation, even if he does look like someone grew a really huge root vegetable and taught it to wear a suit and tie, but wasn’t it the will of the people that determined the arithmetic of the chamber he has to work in? We did have an election, didn’t we? That returned party members based on votes cast by the people, right? Well in that case, Eck old son, don’t try to blame the makeup of the parliament for you not getting to do your “hoots mon” song and dance routine. Maybe if you presented a more convincing case in the first place, that arithmetic might look a bit different.

But you didn’t.

So it doesn’t.

Welcome to democracy.