Sep 15

Last night I had the frustrating experience of trying to remember how to do something in Photoshop and failing miserably every time I tried. The entire experience was made all the more frustrating because while my failing, rusty memory couldn’t supply the information I needed, it could supply the fact that I definitely knew how to do it before. I started using Photoshop years back and am largely self taught: there is no greater way to learn than to muck about with menus, try out various options and see what happens. Well, no greater way than structured learning and being taught by an expert. That might win. Spending hours running into a brick wall in your own cerebellum though, that just sucks.

In the past I have created video and DVD covers for my own use, worked on books and promotional material for events and have even designed websites and other graphic elements for other people, but it all grew out of me just enjoying messing about with Photoshop. It’s a hobby that I haven’t had much time for lately and I really need to make more time to get back into it.

Today I spent about 20 minutes messing about with a silly design job, first in Fireworks and later in Photoshop, and I realised just how much I enjoyed the whole thing. It wasn’t anything great or impressive, but it was the first time for a long while (browsing and blogging excepted) that I have sat at a computer and purely enjoyed myself. I’m not the next big thing for the design world, but I have some game. The sad thing is, I had even more a while ago and it’s time to get them back…and I get to have fun doing it too.

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  1. David E. Patton Says:

    Hi I’m an american poet who is trying to find out if my poetry can stand up across cultural lines, and you can help me with this by visting my site and let me know what you think. Please feel free to jump around the site and leaving a comment anywhere in the site
    Thank You

  2. Lorna Says:

    as your first non-spamming commenter today, let me say how your blog sounded just like the way I feel about books I’ve read in hardcover that come out in paperback with a different cover. I know there’s something in my brain saying something, but finding out what it is, just hurts.

  3. FawnDoo Says:

    Why thank you Lorna! :-) Glad to hear that someone else out there has their brain play treacherous tricks on them.

    As for the spammerific comments, I know the second one is, but the first? I dunno…there is a blog on the other end of it…of course they could just be very well set up spammers! :-D

  4. FawnDoo Says:

    Well I’ve gone and vanished the definite spam, and we might as well give ‘ol Patton the benefit of the doubt eh? :-D

  5. TheWriteJerry Says:

    those DVD covers are awesome!!!

  6. MCF Says:

    Yeah, I was about to write something presumptious like “Hey if you ever have any Photoshop questions let me know”, but then I saw the DVD covers and realized I’m just as likely to ask YOU questions. =)

    You’re absolutely right though; play is the best way to learn software like that. No course I’ve taken has been able to cover the gamut of things you can do, and I’ve figured more things out by experimenting with layers and styles and filters than I did following any curriculum. A lot of it is trial, error, and memory.

  7. Rhodester Says:

    I have Photoshop 4.0

    Yep.. 4.0

    Can’t afford to upgrade it, but I’ve had the CD for some years and just keep loading it on whenever I get a new computer. It’s on its 3rd one right now, which is Windows XP. It barely squeaks along and crashes periodically.

    Other than that, it’s fun.

  8. Rhodester Says:

    Can’t figure out if the top comment qualifies as a spam- Lorna seems to think it is, but he’s not selling anything (I think- I’m not going to the site).

    maybe he’s starting a new trend- he’s a “poet spammer”.

  9. FawnDoo Says:

    Thank you Jerry! :-) And thank you MCF! :-) Glad you liked the DVD covers, just a bit of fun really but it keeps me from being bored!

    Dave, I hear and feel your pain: my version of Photoshop isn’s that much newer than yours – I’m on 5.0.2 at the moment. I do have a newer version (6 or 7, can’t remember) on my laptop, but I tend to use my Mac more, so I am still on 5 with that. It’s so damn old my mac has to crank up the Classic interface every time I use it! :-D

    As for mister Patton’s comment, I did follow the link and it seemed to be a Blog full of poetry. I won’t comment on what I thought of the poetry, but it was there! :-) Come on Patton, if you’re real, let’s have something else from you to remove you from the “Spammer” bracket! ;-)

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