Sep 16

Okay okay, last time I go back to beat the hell out of this particular dead horse, I promise. At least until the next time. Today two major supermarket chains promised to reduce petrol by 4p a litre at all of their petrol stations across the UK. Nice to know that the fucking retailers can do something while Gordon Brown – Chancellor of the Exchequer for the United Kingdom and the man who oversees the infrastructure that takes 67% of the price paid at the pump as tax – did nothing. Well, he probably had a cup of tea, did a little browsing and played some gameboy. However, in terms of actually doing something to help it has to be said his contribution this time around wasn’t exactly stellar.

We should not have to depend upon the mercy of retailers to salvage a situation when it looks to be moving towards becoming untenable. Retailers are not motivated by the goodness of their hearts or a sense of social responsibility, they are motivated by profit. Nothing wrong with that, because it’s what they are there for after all. Governments, on the other hand…

Come on Gordon. I voted for you lot. I even have a sneaking admiration for you and believe you’re going to be the next Labour PM. Hell, I even think you’ll do alright in the job. I believe in your positions and principles on most stuff. I like the fact that you and old Tone have made centre-left a viable position to take politically. The only thing I would ask is please, please please please start to act like the young, decisive and honest government we voted in in ’97. Please.

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  1. MCF Says:

    Gas is gradually dropping over here. I saw $3.29 per gallon regular go to $3.13 yesterday, and yesterday it was $3.09. Hopefully it will continue to a sweet $2.87. YEAH! ::sigh::

    Six years ago I was finding gas for 99 CENTS some places. Now I don’t think I’ll ever see it for less than 2 dollars, and never under a buck. ={

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Well the supermarket forecourts for Tesco and Asda are now down to 89.9 per litre, but I drove past a Safeways garage tonight and they’re still at 95.9…I don’t think they’re ever going to come down significantly but for now I’ll take any break I can get! :-)

    99 cents a gallon…wowzer…boggles the mind, it really does!

  3. SarahD Says:

    The article doesn’t mention gas prices (that I saw) but maybe that’s a contributing factor to this:,,2-1786945,00.html


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