Sep 14

The good: Spooks is back! Woo, and if I may be so bold, hoo! An excellent series, launching its fourth season on BBC One with a great two-parter. For those of you who may not have picked up on this show, please do so and enjoy some excellent TV. In these days of insipid, moronic, braindeath inducing reality TV I believe good programming needs all the support it can get. Be warned though, it pulls no punches, but it is a better show for it.

The bad: Driving around this evening trying to find a petrol station that hadn’t run out thanks to panic buying. Not being a panic buyer myself, I was royally pissed off when my usual payday routine of filling my tank became a trawl around town to find a forecourt that hadn’t closed because of the sudden surge in demand.

The good: As you might have noticed, it’s payday! Ahhh, payday: that sweet time where I am, at least for a short time, a rich man (biddy biddy bum optional). Of course that is before the bills come along and kick me back down into the fiscal doldrums like the prole I am.

The bad: With petrol prices going up faster than a rat up a drainpipe my payday “rich man rush” doesn’t last very long anymore. Furthermore, with big old Gordon promising no help from the government to bring the prices down, it seems it’s only gonna get worse. Gordon, on the off chance you’re reading this, thank you for the lesson: if I ever find myself in a job that pays a six figure salary and someone else pays for the petrol needed to shift my fat arse from A to B, I will immediately turn around and comprehensively kick every poor bastard at the other end of the economic scale square in the nuts. At a time when other EU governments are starting to actually stand up for their citizens, it’s good to know you’ll happily collect the fuel duty, shrug your shoulders and heroically blame OPEC.

The good: Scrubs season 2 is now out on DVD! Another quality show to enjoy.

The bad: Scrubs season 2 being sold out in my local supermarket, and by the time I had done the great fuel hunt, it was too late to look anywhere else. Oh well – at least it’s doing well enough to sell out quickly. Maybe there are some people out there besides me who don’t like reality TV.

The good: Not even feeling guilty as I use this lazy-arsed format for a blog entry. Hell people, I’m not even ashamed of my piss-poor structuring this time around, but I promise better in the future.

The bad: Firefox actually managing to crash on me (yes, that’s right, super-stable Firefox on super-stable Mac OS X: believe me, I was shocked because it’s the first time Firefox has ever gone tits-up on me so badly that I’ve had to force a quit) and losing my first draft of this. Yes, with links. No, I didn’t save it. Yes, this could also be filed under “The criminally stupid” as well as “The bad”.

The good: I look over at the couch as I type this, and I see my better half curled up on the couch, asleep. She dozed off an hour or so ago while watching TV, and when I look at her everything else just melts away and I can’t help but smile. Petrol prices? Pffff, who cares. That’s for tomorrow. For now all I can see is her.

Hell that’s not just good, it’s the best.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Oh FFS…okay then, comment verification may well be the way to go, because this is annoying the hell out of me now.

  3. MCF Says:

    I’ve heard some of the Scrubs episodes have been altered because the rights they had to use popular music on certain episodes didn’t extend beyond the initial broadcast to DVD. I haven’t seen the episodes on DVD yet to compare, but in many episodes the music is KEY to the plot and adds so much atmosphere.

  4. FawnDoo Says:

    I hadn’t heard that about Scrubs, but the season 1 episodes seemed fine to me when I watched them on DVD: either they got the music rights issue sorted out, or they found stuff that worked just as well. I agree though, it’s a show that relies on music to set the mood more than most, and just such a clever show through and through. Last night there was an episode on TV that was split in half: half filmed normally, half filmed like a cheesy old-fashioned sitcom, and the minor tweaks to the look, sound and feel of the show to make the transition were just superb.

  5. Kelly Says:

    I rented season 1 of MI-5 from Netflix a few months ago and enjoyed it very much. However, from that show and the current 24 binge I had been on, I was kind of tired out from that genre of show. I haven’t watched the other seasons yet, but definitely plan on it.

    I found the article about the gas panics interesting, but I still don’t fully understand why people think you’re going to have shortages … ?

  6. FawnDoo Says:

    Huh – I never knew that Spooks was renamed as MI-5 for it’s release in America. Well, I guess you learn something every day! :-D Glad someone else has heard of the show Kelly, hope you enjoy the other seasons when you recover from your “24” burnout.

    As for the fuel shortages, it’s a classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy:

    1) Fuel protests are planned and announced.
    2) People think this will cause a fuel shortage like the protests in 2000 so they buy more fuel than they ordinarily would: topping up their tanks and even filling up cans and tanks to maintain a store.
    3) Garages start to go through their supplies faster and faster and some run out.
    4) People see garages running out of fuel, so they find ones that haven’t and drain them dry too.
    5) Bingo. Fuel shortages.

    The annoying thing is that the people planning the protests have said they will not be blocking deliveries, they just plan to make their feelings known, but people still think there will be a problem. And in thinking there will be a problem, they create it. It would be amusing if it weren’t so irritating. :-D

  7. MCF Says:

    You probably wouldn’t notice if they changed the songs if you never saw it on broadcast. I’ve never seen the DVD versions, so I don’t know where it changed.

    The half sitcom episode was BRILLIANT. It totally illustrated what sets that show apart from every other standard sitcom. Genius. And a bit sad too. They can go from comedy to drama in a heartbeat sometimes.

  8. FawnDoo Says:

    Which is part of what I like most about Scrubs – it can do funny and mix it with drama/emotion WITHOUT becoming schmaltzy or cheesy. It’s a very rare show that can do that.

    I was very amused to read in the DVD notes that for the first season (when they didn’t know if it was going to be cancelled or not) the writers were planning to have J.D. find out in the last episode that the Janitor was a figment of his imagination all along. It makes viewing early season 1 stuff quite entertaining when you realise they’re playing it that way.

  9. SarahD Says:

    My husband and I love Scrubs. We’ve been trying to convince my parents that it’s an excellent show, but they just raise their eyebrows skeptically. (“That was very odd”, my mother said after watching an episode with us. “But Mom, it’s just like ‘Ally McBeal’, but in a hospital setting!” I explained. Still no joy.)

    We also very much enjoyed MI-5 last season; we’d never have heard about it but for our Tivo, which found it for us based on my husband’s affinity for espionage stories of all shapes and colors. (I had no idea what “Spooks” was when you first mentioned it, but the thought that came to mind was “I wonder if it’s anything like MI-5?”.) After the last season, we weren’t convinced the show was even coming back, they’d killed/written off so many major characters. I’m glad to hear it is!

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