Apr 19

Just as I write about getting a new office so many other people seem to be either getting new ones too, or looking to get new ones, or keep the ones they have. The Cardinal Formerly Known As Joseph Ratzinger (hereafter known as TCFKAJR, which I think might catch on) is on his way to a new office and a whole new position in the eyes of the world. About 600 or so men and women are preparing to defend their offices while a whole legion of people line up to try to take them off them.

It’s a strange thing – I am very interested in politics (to a geeky level) but am not religious at all (I’m not even Catholic), yet I have been following both election processes with considerable interest. One was closed, one was open. Both have centuries of history, an awesome responsibility and the weight of consequence about them. One just concluded, the other still up for grabs. They’re like one another in some ways, but different in others (good thing you don’t come to this blog for insight huh?).

I suppose the upshot of this freeform babble is that both election processes have me wondering where things will go from here. The previous Pope was the only one I ever knew, he was elected the year I was born and every time I’ve heard “Pope” I’ve always thought of the one face. The only Prime Minister I’ve ever been under (as a voting adult I hasten to add) has been Tony Blair and his labour government. One has just changed, I wonder if the other will?

One good thing I suppose…at least when I got my new office I didn’t have to take the name of “Benedict”. I might not be a Catholic or even a particularly religious man but at least TCFKAJR has managed to make me feel good about that. Five minutes in the job and he’s not doing too bad already.

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