Apr 14

On the rather spiffy and superlative Dooce.com there have been a few entries in the last few weeks that centre around slips of the tongue, or entertaining comments that could easily be taken out of context, that have really amused me a lot. This one is, I admit, a pun based in schoolboy humour but this one really made me laugh because it’s a perfect example of saying something, and realising it could be taken badly out of context just as you finish saying it. This is a situation that I have found myself in many times over the years so it is always nice to hear of other people having similar trouble. As they say, misery loves company.

All of which brings me to the subject of this sorry tale, which revolves around my darling better half. At the weekend she and I were messing about and in the course of things I demonstrated, while lying down, what I looked like when I was running (long story). Obviously I looked silly, and with the strangely snooty expression I adopted my better half laughingly said that I looked like a photo of an old Victorian gentleman, but that (and I quote) “…someone had stolen his velociraptor.”


After a confused silence on both sides (during which I was wondering if there was some clever joke there that I couldn’t understand) she then went on to say “of course, I meant velocipede, not velociraptor.”

Velocipede. Velociraptor. Easy mistake to make. Would have made history lessons a lot more interesting if it had been the other way around I have to say. Well for one thing the Victorians probably wouldn’t have been so repressed. Jurassic period wouldn’t have been so much fun though.

And Spielberg would have been so screwed.

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