Apr 28

It’s been a busy week.

With what, I don’t know exactly.

I had a good weekend, meeting an icon of the 80s (so I’m told anyway) and getting a signed copy of his autobiography for my uncle Derek. Since my name isn’t Derek, and it would have been a bit strange to say I wasn’t a fan but wanted a signed book anyway, for about 5 minutes on Saturday I led a double life and was Derek, Spandau Ballet-loving fan with a book in his hand.

All in all not the most exciting foray into the world of alter-egos. No cool cars, no supervillains, nothing.

I also had a job interview, so I spent large stretches of my Monday and Tuesday nights winding myself up like a cheap watch and rehearsing answers to various kinds of questions. So much so in fact that it feels strange not to talk about management experience and the ability to manipulate and present complex information here. Had the interview on Wednesday morning, so wherever you may be in the world, do me a favour and think good thoughts. I swear if I get the job I’ll buy you a drink. Can’t say fairer than that.

One strange side effect of this busy week has been that I have suffered an increasing sense of guilt about not blogging. On the one hand this obviously isn’t a good thing since guilt isn’t exactly number one on the list of “fun emotional states to experience” but the more I think about it it might have some positive aspect to it. Maybe my blog and the whole blogging experience is becoming a little more integral to my life? There must be some reason that when I am away from it for a week or so I get a twinge of regret whenever I happen to look at it. I do get excited when I see people have left comments (which sounds geeky and stupid I know, but if you haven’t gathered that I’m a) very geeky and b) profoundly stupid by now then with the greatest respect, your reading skills need a brush-up) so maybe this whole blogging thing, which I started off out of genuine curiosity, is sneaking in the back door and becoming more important to me.

Bet you wish I hadn’t bothered coming back now.

Good thoughts, remember.

Good thoughts.

Good thoughts.

3 Responses to “Getting from there to here”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I laughed and laughed when I read your post here. I’ve been going through the same thing at work with an immature guy in his 60s. I’ve been helping out his team, as they’ve been in a jam lately, but this guy has no manners. He interrupts me all the time as I’m eating lunch (with no apology), he never does any research before he comes to me with his questions, and he’s always touching the stuff on my desk. It just boggles the mind when you meet someone so far on in years that appears to have never been taught manners, does it not? We received an email notice last week that he was retiring on May 7th, and I felt like replying to our entire IS team **Official Sponsor of Kelly being in a much better mood on May 8th** But I refrained.

    Good luck on getting the job! I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you. Will you know the outcome soon, or is this one of those interview processes where you actually have to go in several times for several different interviews?

  2. MCF Says:

    I’m thinking good thoughts….how does this free drink thing work across the Atlantic? Do I just walk into a random bar and tell them to put it on some random Scottish dude’s tab? That should go over well in NYC. ;-)

    I’m contemplating interviewing too. I’m not there yet, and I’m adjusting to the new workload and structure since the layoffs but every time I think I have things under control, my new boss throws in another speedbump. For now I’m just toughing it out and doing the “enjoy life whenever I’m not at work” thing, but I definitely empathize. Seriously, good luck.

    Finally, you’ve been tagged. Participate, or you’ll feel guilty. I’ll definitely leave comments.=D

  3. FawnDoo Says:

    Hey any of your tough NYC barmen have a problem with that, you just send them over to me! :-) Maybe that could be the next “big thing” for the net – a site that allows people on opposite sides of the world to buy drinks for one another. I’m telling you there’s an idea there! ;-)

    Thanks for the good thoughts folks – just keep ’em coming for next time!

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