Nov 12

Be seeing you!

I suppose I knew it had to come. The last email between me and GAME over the “Take it or leave it” shopping trip from hell. Well, the last one unless I keep things going. Which I’m not going to, mainly because I think that’s a path that can only end with me being filmed for a BBC documentary. The sort of documentary where I have a camera crew watching me as I go about my day, gleefully filming the boggling eyes, wild hair, piss-stained trousers and suitcases full of printouts of emails from GAME (who are currently selling the AppleSoft HyperCube X3400). So this is it. That’s that. Done and dusted.

As stated previously the apology made is on behalf of the company.

Again, please rest assured the comments you have made have been highlighted at the very highest level and our staff are hand picked to offer the very highest standards of customer service and as such your feedback has been taken very seriously.

I am certain that Macmillians will appreciate the donation and it was a really nice gesture on your part.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Kindest Regards

And so there we go. I’m amazed that so many people tweeted about this, retweeted, sent messages of support, wrote a story on a games website (!), commented, re-commented and everything else. Amazed and very, very grateful. And tons of other things (including amused at being called a dick, a bitch and a queen in the same conversation). But mainly amazed, grateful, heartened and more convinced than ever that there are some really cool people out there in the world. Huzzah!

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