Oct 12

Over the past few days, two big milestones have been passed. The first was on Saturday when I created a new folder on my laptop titled “Wedding stuff”. The second was today, when my better half revealed she had bought a binder and a notepad. The planning for the wedding has begun, and I am now looking at the people who had to plan D-Day with a lot more sympathy.

While it might sound as if I’m moaning, I’m really not. We’re still in the earliest of early stages and aren’t really so much planning as we are checking out what we like and taking notes, but it is fun. We’re both amused because pre-engagement we always said that we would just elope and come back married…only to find ourselves with wedding magazines already cluttering up the couch.

At the weekend my friend Lorraine (who recently got married – the photo of me in a kilt over at FlickrDoo was taken at her wedding) passed us a bag of magazines she had picked up over the months she worked on the planning of her big day. The bag is so heavy that the straps have snapped and the damn thing almost gave me a hernia carrying it in. In total there must be tens of thousands of pages in there. Millions of photographs. And how many articles have we found so far that relate to the groom? How many words have been devoted to the schmuck in the suit at the front?


Yes, count it. Between zero and two. One single article that listed the duties of the groom on the day. I’m trying not to take it personally.

So we have started planning, and it’s scary and fun at the same time. It feels like the training wheels are off, and we’re thinking of ways to stamp our personality on the day because with all the services on offer now you could end up with a pretty generic wedding if you’re not careful (pre-printed invites, table settings, the works), and all I can do is look at her, sitting there beside me, and glance at the diamond ring on her finger. Then my heart pounds, but only in a good way.

I’m going to get married. To my best friend. I might have lost the “number of articles” competition, but I pretty much won the star prize already so I don’t mind. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s an article on cakes I really must read.

P.S. I promise I’ll stop being sickening soon. I still want to talk about the actual proposal (I have to explain the Stargate somehow) and some other stuff, but I promise that you won’t need huge doses of insulin to survive the sugar levels here for too much longer.

3 Responses to “And next year, we invade Europe”

  1. TheWriteJerry Says:

    The wedding industry is a strangling juggernaut designed to hype up brides-to-be and their mothers into such a frothing frenzy of “keeping up with the Jonses” that you soon find yourselves drowned in details and bills that really should be avoided.

    Take it from somebody who just went through a wedding – simplicity is best.

  2. SarahD Says:

    Speaking as a woman who got married a little over a year ago, I can confirm that you are headed into a season of high stress and borderline insanity. The good news is, if you two make a good team, you’ll discover just WHAT a good team you are as you wrangle with sundry and assorted wedding issues. I only became more and more impressed with my fiance’s levelheadedness and organizational skills as our engagement progressed, and for his part he discovered that I was more flexible and frugal in my wedding desires than he’d anticipated. We named a modest budget at the very beginning, and we stuck with it. All in all I’d say it was good preparation for married life.

    My husband’s main responsibilities, by the way, were to arrange for his groomsmen and their clothing, to manage his side of the family, to come up with his list of guests (complete with full names and addresses), and to plan the honeymoon. He was quite busy, especially with the last item!

  3. Lorna Says:

    bring on the sugar, I say…

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