Oct 03

Pick one from the following statements:

Today I…

a) Took some time off work
b) Found a monument that looks eerily like a Stargate
c) Fed swans
d) Got scared by swans
e) Ran away from swans
f) Proposed
g) Had my proposal accepted
h) Got engaged
i) Kept a close eye on those damn swans
j) All of the above

Answers on a postcard, please. No conferring, and I must accept your first answer.

14 Responses to “As promised, a quick update”

  1. ChrisWoznitza Says:

    Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

  2. Kelly Says:

    OK, I’m guessing D only or J.

    Sticking with the J answer … congratulations!!! I hope we get to hear all about the proposal soon …

  3. SarahD Says:

    I knew it! :-) I mean really, how many pre-planned, life-changing, keep-you-up-at-night-beforehand moments to guys generally have? Emphasis on the pre-planned part? Congratulations!

  4. Wendy Says:

    Congrats! When is the wedding? I hope the swans didn’t ruin the proposal.

  5. MCF Says:

    Congratulations on discovering a Stargate! That’s so cool! I hope I find a Stargate someday!

    ….the correct answer IS “b”, isn’t it?
    Congratz! ;-D

  6. FawnDoo Says:

    Thank you all! :-) I have been walking around for days now with a huge, silly grin plastered all over my face! :-D

    Kelly, full story coming soon…

    Sarah, you might be right about the amount of those moments guys generally have, but I was so worried about something going wrong, that I just couldn’t rest at all.

    Wendy the swans didn’t ruin the proposal, but they did give me a moment or two of worry. You see we had fed them some bread, but they kept giving me nasty looks because I stopped when we ran out of bread – and judging from the looks they were giving me, they were not best pleased about it at all! :-)

    MCF, pics of the Stargate-like monument we found will be put up at FlickrDoo soon enough and you can see for yourself. I swear the only thing it was missing was a balding technician shouting out “Chevron six encoded!” :-)

    Now to try and fight off this damned silly grin….it’s proving extremely resilient, but what’s it doing for my public image? People get used to the dour, misanthropic Scot and what do they get now? Some big smiling goon. It just won’t do. :-D


  7. Rhodester Says:

    I had a proposal accepted once- it’s a pretty cool feeling. Enjoy your all too brief sojourn to the top of the world!

    BTW FawnDoo, I never told you, but my best friend lives in Kirkintilloch, if you know where that is. He also happens to be a Minister and would probably be more than happy to “join these two together in holy macaroni”, or something like that- so if you don’t have someone already picked out to do the honors, drop CHRIS an email.

    He tells me that Glasgow isn’t far from “Kirkie”, so even if you don’t call on him for his services, you should probably hook up anyway, that’d be a kick. The link above is to his website- here’s the link to his BLOG.

    Best wishes to you and your blushing bride!


  8. Rey Says:

    Awesome. Congrats man. Now when you and your bride decide to start exploring distant regions of space via the stargate just remember to Not Ruffle the Ori’s feathers…or fire…or…well, you know what I mean.

  9. Lorna Says:

    That is wonderful! This vicarious life I’m living is totally enriched. Can’t wait to hear the more you promised.

  10. Darrell Says:


    Swans can, in fact, be very scary. I know how territorial and angry they can get. I did an internet search for a picture of an “angry swan” (those were the search terms I used) and
    this was one of the pictures
    that came up. All of which goes to prove just how damned scary swans can be.

    The word I had to type in to post this was “gklggqy”. I think that’s prophetic, and I hope that you and the future Mrs. Fawndoo enjoy many years of “gettin’ gklggqy with it.”

  11. FawnDoo Says:

    Well Dave, as they say it is a small world after all…Kirkintilloch is not far away at all from my flat, 5 minutes at the very most! :-) Thanks for the lead, have passed it to my better half (better start getting used to typing “my fiance”, huh?) and we will look into it when our planning gets that far! :-)

    Rey, Lorna, Darrell, thank you for the kind words. I’ll try not to cross any Ori or diss any Wraith that we might find through the gate! ;-) As for the many years of gettin’ gklggqy with it….hell yeah! ;-)

  12. TheWriteJerry Says:


    But, the answer certainly couldn’t be “all of the above” because I can’t imagine your job giving you any time off…

  13. Neb Says:

    Congrats! Can I borrow the stargate?

  14. FawnDoo Says:

    Jerry, I took some time off for a few reasons: 1, I wanted to propose and thought it might be better in person than over email, 2, my fiance was taking some time off and I wanted to spend it with her (ties in with reason 1) and 3, I am fed up not taking my leave through the year and basically having to take most of December off! :-)

    Actually the first year I was in my job I lost 13 days of leave because I didn’t use them…I swore to myself I never would make a mistake like that again. So dumb, looking back on it. If experience has taught me one thing, it’s that you don’t tend to get thanked for such sacrifice. :-)

    Neb, thanks for the congrats, hope to see you around a little more. You can borrow the Stargate if you like, but you have to organise your own van to move the thing! ;-)


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