Sep 06

MCF recently invited his readership to judge five tales, spun in his usual inimitable style. As is usual with the mysterious cloaked figure there was a twist and all of the tales turned out to be true: the only thing was that one of them didn’t actually happen to MCF. One of them did make me laugh, but I suspect not for reasons known to MCF at the time he was writing it.

At one point MCF bemoaned the price of gasoline in his area, which at one point rose to a whopping $3.75. Now I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that was per gallon. So you can imagine the laugh that escaped my lips today when I went to put some petrol in my car and found that unleaded was up to 93.9 pence per litre. Note that that isn’t per gallon, it’s per litre. Per fucking litre. I’ll leave the maths up to the Americans in the audience. My name is Fawndoo, buyer of expensive petrol. Look on my prices ye Americans and compare.

One day I will share with you my bitter rant about how I’m tired of the government lining up in a neat queue to kick me in the balls just because I own a car. One day I will share with you the plea I run through every time I see the petrol price rise three times in one week. One day I might even share with you the hope that one day the Chancellor and his cronies will take a break from kicking me in the bollocks and might actually try to cut down on some of the highest fuel excise duties in the industrialised first world.

But not today. Not today.

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  1. MCF Says:

    Making me do math, eh? OK, 1 liter equals about a quarter of a gallon(.26 to be exact but I’ll round it to make it easy).

    Now let’s see…if 240 pence equal a pound, and a U.S. dollar is worth roughly half a pound, then a U.S. dollar is about 120 pence, and one pence is .008 dollars, less than one cent.

    So, if FawnDoo pays 93.9 pence per litre, that’s about .78 cents per litre. If a litre is a quarter of a gallon we must multiply the price by 4. 4x.78 is $3.12 a gallon.

    Taking in to account all the rounding I did and possible errors in conversion charts I looked at, we’re paying roughly the same amount. Tough times all over. Maybe I should have wished for a cheaper fuel alternative to be made available….

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    We haven’t had 240 pence in a pound for quite a few years old boy, after decimalisation in 1971. We have 100 pence to the pound, and to be honest I’m grateful – the whole “240 pence to a pound” system seems remarkably and needlessly complex to me.

    Going by a conversion table I found, it takes roughly 4 litres to make a US gallon, and about 4.5 litres to make a UK gallon (figures they would be different, huh?). It’s a difference, but not a HUGE one, so we can assume our gallons are largely the same. Over here it costs me £4.23 for a gallon of petrol, which translates into (wait for it) $7.80 per gallon according to this site.

    Even if we were to use US gallons as a base and not the UK one, a gallon would still come out for me at £3.76 per gallon, which would translate to $6.93 for a gallon of petrol. Not as bad as the UK version (which I am, unfortunately, stuck with) but still not brilliant.

    With all this in mind, you will understand I am sure how I find it difficult to read of gas prices reaching the stratospheric heights of $3.75 for a gallon. If I was paying that over here for 4 litres then the prices at the pump would be roughly 50 pence per litre – a little over half what they are now.

    Of course I might have misread all of this and you might be paying $3.75 for a litre, in which case you are even more screwed than I am! :-D

  3. Lorna Says:

    Aaarrrggghhhh! the only thing worse than the price of gas is converting from litres to gallons and pounds to dollars. No, reality tv is worse.

  4. TheWriteJerry Says:

    I think gas prices will become the defining issue of our day, as they effect the price of everything else. For too long, governments have funded their special interest projects by taking the gas of people who do not benefit at all from those projects. The gas tax is in some ways crueler than the (U.S. version of) income tax.

  5. MCF Says:

    This is 2005. Why are we even still using combustible fuel? Where are the energon-based hover cars? Has science fiction LIED to me?

    I had a feeling my conversion information was dated. And I definitely was quoting a price per gallon, so you “win”. Some states here have gotten that high; I saw a news report the other day that Georgia was up around 5 or 6 dollars.

  6. FawnDoo Says:

    The hell with energon powered cars (too much chance of them turning into something else if you ask me) where are the transporters? Walk in one, flash of light, walk out the other, simple. And don’t give me that baloney about no-one having invented the pattern buffer, the Heisenberg compensators or the matter coils…it’s all a coverup! :-D

  7. TheWriteJerry Says:

    FD –

    Are you in line waiting for gas somewhere?

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