Jun 06

I want to thank everyone who took part in the Blog Party, hope you all enjoyed yourselves because I had great fun reading the answers. Entertaining, touching, interesting and compelling: not a bad night’s work when you think about it.

I have now returned the borrowed venue/transportation for the night to it’s rightful owner but I dare say it could be borrowed again if the need arises. If you enjoyed the Blog Party then I am certainly up for hosting another.

I’m going to do the writeup tomorrow so I just wanted to stick a quick note up. Tonight I have promised myself I am going to the gym to get back into exercising, and I know if I take the time to do the writeup the justice it deserves I’ll use it as an excuse to skip the gym.

Again though, thanks to all who took part. I was nervous no-one would turn up and so was pleasantly surprised when so many did!

6 Responses to “White rabbit has nothing on me”

  1. averagejoe Says:

    I’m always up for a trip in the TARDIS. However, you might want to post “do not enter” signs on the door out of the console room. Hate for anyone to get lost.

  2. MCF Says:

    Great party, ‘doo, though I’m STILL trying to figure out the time difference. Let’s see, if it’s Monday 6/6 at 5:04 PM here, then, apply the quadratic equation and carry the one….

  3. MCF Says:

    OK, either my clock is off by two minutes, or based on that time stamp you’re three hours and 58 minutes in the future. So at the time of THIS posting, I’m going to guess that it’s 9:05 PM Monday night….

  4. Meepers Says:

    Yeah, what is the time diff? About five hours ahead of Eastern US, and nine ahead of Western? Not to worry, I’m not sure any of us has it figured.

    I just finished my OMG post. Hope I didn’t go too far over the deadline. Baby teething has really got my wires crossed.

  5. FawnDoo Says:

    MCF, why do you think I chose to host the party in the TARDIS? It handles all of those time differences rather nicely! :-)

    As for time differences, maybe this would help before we have to resort to quadratics. I think, depending on what coast you’re on at the time, the UK is about 4-5 hours ahead of you in the US, but that’s just a thumbnail estimate. Hence any blog parties I host will have a slightly looser schedule to allow for the time difference.

  6. FawnDoo Says:

    Meepers I just read your Blog Party entry and thought it was fantastic – great stuff, thanks for contributing.

    PS I don’t think I’m too disturbed from the “shock value” – thought it was a great idea to include something like that. Let’s face it if the first one of those isn’t an OMG moment, what the hell is? ;-)

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