Jun 08

After much frustration, I finally get a chance to sit down and do the writeup for my recent Blog Party, which had as the point of discussion your top five “Oh my god” moments. I’m really pleased to see so many taking part, with interest and cross discussion on other blogs. I think, all in all, that we can call this one a modest success. Already I’m thinking about my next one, and looking forward to the party that’s on the horizon right now.

Anyways, the guests at my somewhat surreal party brought along some excellent offerings for their “moments”, so without further ado let’s have a quick rundown.

Wendy arrived first, bearing five nuggets of OMG insights and a bottle of something brown she found at the back of a cupboard. Oven cleaner or some kind of weird brandy I don’t know, but the stuff sure had a hell of a kick to it. Wendy’s moments, delivered in reverse order, were:

5) The Ending of Choke, a Chuck Palahniuk novel
4) The Tyler Durden surprise
3) The ending of Primal Fear
2) Numa numa!
1) Both of her surprise pregnancies

After reading Wendy’s moments I was really touched by number 1. I also have a few more movies to add to my “must watch” list, a book to check out and a cool weblink to add to my favourites. Not a bad start.

MCF burst in behind her, carrying some frankly worrying looking snack foods which are still, as far as I know, sitting in their bowl. However he redeemed himself with some top notch OMG moments of his own, which were:

1) Testing his spidey powers on a tree, and the resultant injuries
2) Getting Castle Grayskull for Christmas and embarassing his poor ‘ol dad
3) The first, second and third kisses on a date that led to a longer term relationship
4) A hot pop, a gurgle, and merriment ensuing from his Meckel’s Diverticulum
5) A rather nasty accident involving a van

As MCF said about his moments, “what’s shocking to one person is about normal for me.” which is very true and I started to see that as I read through the various Blog party participants. Then again, this is what I find interesting about this subject – getting a little insight into what moves and affects those around me.

Things were just getting into full swing when Kelly arrived, bringing with her much fun, food, snacks, drinks and her OMG moments. So much food and drink, in fact, that I don’t think I’m going to have to buy any more beer or pretzels for a month. Her list, again in reverse order, included:

5) Her first trip to California, especially Balboa Park
4) Her initiation into the myserious ways of the classic movie junkie
3) Finding out her parents were damn cool people
2) Her first date with Dave (the incredible)
1) The first time she read, and felt an understanding of, the principles of Calvinism

Kelly said she enjoyed the topic, and I have to admit I found her points fascinating. I now want to visit California and while I’m not particulary religious, I can see why developing a deeper understanding of something so central to your life would certainly count as a large “Oh my God” moment (perhaps literally). I also now want to meet incredible Daves from all over the world.

So the party was hotting up. MCF’s suspicious snack foods were still growling at the guests, sure, and Wendy’s weird bottle of brown rocket fuel had been slipped into the punch, but the night was picking up. Just in time for Joe to arrive, with a rather spiffing and distinctly above average bottle of single malt. Commenting on his good taste I took his coat as he presented his OMG moments:

5) The story of Uncanny X-Men 137, wherein a heroine dies and Joe’s hopes of a happy ending were dashed
4) The Highlander episode “Archangel”, which saw someone lose their head
3) The resurrection of Catelyn in A Storm of Swords
2) The entry of Jack – and his impressive lungs – to the world
1) Meeting the lovely Meepers for the first time

Another book (or rather, a series) to add to my “must check out” list, so I’m doing well so far, even though my wallet would probably find cause to disagree. Joe’s points were the usual mix of entertaining, thought provoking and touching that I have come to expect from his digressions.

Just as the night was settling into a nice vibe, Jerry popped by with a beautifully frozen bottle of vodka, just right for the sipping. He also had a slightly misplaced backslash, but in polite company it’s not done to point these things out. Being British I found it thrust upon myself to keep up the stiff upper lip and all that. While I slipped a little al-key-hol over that stiff lip, Jerry shared his moments with us:

5) The very party he was at! No soul searching planned and yet boom, there he was
4) Finding out his many and varied injuries just don’t make things lighter or easier to lift
3) The realisation that his divorce was coming
2) The birth of his son, Ian
1) The realisation of his faith and relationship with God, which helped to redefine his outlook on life

Jerry, much like Kelly, strikes the “Oh my God” chord very strongly especially with his last moment, which is about as close as you can get I suppose, given the wording of the discussion. Some were joyful, some poignant, all revealing and all welcome.

And that was it – I dropped everyone off at their respective homes, and the next day did some tidying up, put the kettle on and in my own, small, stereotypically British way, settled down with a nice cup of tea and a good book.

So I am sure you can imagine my shock when the door was suddenly kicked open and in rushed Meepers with bottles of drink and at least one balloon under her arm. It was in the shape of a giraffe, as I recall. After I stowed away her drinks for the next party, I poured her a cup of tea and sat down to enjoy her OMG moments:

1) The ending of the book Contact by Carl Sagan
2) Her first introduction to the world of the Matrix
3) Changing her major to something she truly enjoyed
4) Realising there might just be a common thread to her movie tastes
5) Achieving a certain something for the first time

As Kelly rightly pointed out, Meeper’s number 5 was a fairly universal one and yet she was the one to point it out. Excellent stuff though, because it proves the Blog Party works – we all think of different ways to address the one question. Of course it made me blush a little over my tea and scones but hey, that’s also part of the fun.

So there we have it – my first ever Blog Party, and you all seemed to come away from the experience with a smile on your faces and a little more insight into what moves others around you. As I said earlier, not a bad night all in all.

See y’all soon for the next one.

7 Responses to “Could be using a time machine myself”

  1. averagejoe Says:

    Great write up FawnDoo! With respect to the others who have thrown Blog Parties, you and MCF are the best hosts!

  2. Meepers Says:

    Very nice write-up.

    I’ve been thinking about my last OMG moment, one that seems universal to most. I think the reason it wasn’t as normal a thing in my case is that it took me so long to figure out. I’m sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable, though admittedly, that is part of my m.o. most of the time and my charm if you wind up spending much time around me. Nobody ever gets to sit still and get all stuck in a rut when I’m present. Except me, of course.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Fawndoo: Your write-ups are so awesome I find myself re-reading them to glean extra chuckles. :) You and MCF are really shooting yourselves in the foot, you know. Who else is going to be brave enough to host a blog party when you two absolutely rock at it?!

  4. FawnDoo Says:

    Thank you Joe, I’m glad you enjoyed the writeup so much! :-)

    Meepers, I just thought your number 5 moment was excellent – something that certainly qualifies as an OMG moment no matter when you first encounter it! I can see why, given what you said on your blog, that it would be of special significance to you though.

    As for shocking me? Nah…it amused me, it got me thinking and it highlighted for me how different people think of different things, but shocked? No. I’m afraid it takes a whole lot more than that to shock me/make me uncomfortable so I’m afraid you’ll have to take a better shot than that! :-D

    And Kelly – come on, step up to the plate and host a party, you know you want to! :-D Thank you though for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the party and the post-party wrap up.

  5. paginas web hoteles Says:

    cool! ;)

  6. Sean Says:

    I really enjoyed reading that. Be sure to include me in your next blog party.

    You write very well.

  7. FawnDoo Says:

    Sean, I’m glad you enjoyed the writeup – open invitation to the next Blog party, ok? Hope to see you there.

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