Apr 25

Dooce reveals some nasty emails sent to her, and how she deals with the abusive elements of her public. I can’t understand why people would feel the need to write in to say how much they don’t like her, or her site. If you don’t like it, surely the most reasonable course of action would be to…oh, I dunno, not look at it? That said if they did that, it would rob us of the treat that is seeing her deal with the bunch of utter wankers in exactly the way they deserve.

Science fiction fans now have their very own online dating service. Finally, a way to deal with that embarrassing moment when you have to explain to your date why there are 400 mint in box action figures on your shelves. Can you imagine the fights that will come out of such a service? “I’m telling you darling, I only watched Spock’s Brain once! And…and…it meant nothing! Nothing!” (says the guy, I hasten to add, who met his fiancĂ© at a Star Trek convention, and who has at least five other sets of friends who married people they met at conventions too. Bear with me while I enjoy this steaming big cup of shut the fuck up, would you?)

Daring Fireball on the debut of boot camp, the application that allows Macs using intel chips to run Windows as well. It’s an interesting development and the article makes a good point on how this changes the personal computing landscape – Macs are no longer different, but special. Users can now choose between a computer that can run both Mac OS and Windows, or one that can only run Windows. With the introduction of one application the map has changed so much…I wonder where this is all going to end up.

Be careful what you wish for, says Botch, with good reason. Especially if you’re wishing for free zombie porn. Mind you, if you’re searching the net for free zombie porn then I think you’re in trouble already. And robot animal porn? Suddenly I’m looking at Grimlock in a whole new light.

Trek returns, with a movie set during Kirk’s Starfleet Academy days. I really want this to be a good film, but I also worry that it’s going to turn out like Beverley Hills 90210 with phasers and warp drive. I think Star Trek needs to move closer to the feel of the original series and reclaim some of the charm it’s lost in recent years. Interesting choice of J.J. Abrams to produce and direct…wonder if a shuttle will crash on a deserted island at one point in the film?

Waiters, it turns out, lead an interesting life. This is one of the best things about the web for me: it allows me to see things from perspectives I might not have considered, or even known existed, before. I found my way to this blog through a fascinating story about the waiter rule on Kottke.org. I’m pleased to say I always try to be polite to staff in restaurants. It’s good to be polite, and besides, I don’t want sneezers in my salad.

Boffins manage to accurately model the process of black hole mergers, much to the excitement of the scientific community in general and the amazement of one mediocre Scottish blogger in particular. The potential of this research is staggering, and you don’t need a cardigan, pipe, elbow patches and more letters after your name than a Welsh roadmap to glimpse the infinite possibilities this could offer us. Man, who would need online dating when you had that to drop into conversation with the opposite sex? “What do I do for a living? Oh not much, I just invented a method of seeing back to the creation of the universe.”

Bill Thompson explains why life offline has an appeal even in this world of web services exploding all over the place. Interesting idea, that the services might be there but lack the trust of the wider public. After all, would you want all the files on your hard drive to be backed up onto a service that might go offline, or be hacked? Also, what about connectivity – if you drop out for a few days, are you then critically out of touch?

3 Responses to “Thing wot caught my eye, 24-04-2006”

  1. TheWriteJerry Says:

    There are girls at Star Trek conventions?

  2. MCF Says:

    Come on Jerry, you saw that documentary. There are tons of girls at those conventions. Unfortunately, most of the girls look like YOU, but I imagine–and hope–‘Doo had better luck at his Scottish conventions.

  3. TheWriteJerry Says:

    I was just joshing on ‘Doo. After all, I even for a while dated a woman I met at a Trek convention. There are some good gals to be found at those things.

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