Nov 28

Note: before you start reading this one, you should know I am in full-on, maximum power, all-speed-ahead “whining teenage blogger” mode. I make no apologies for any self pity, railing against parents, spontaneous “I’m in pain” poetry or general tantrums that you might find as you read on. You have been warned.

For two nights running now I have been woken up by bad dreams which leave me rattled, on edge and unable to get back into a proper sleep. Consequently I’m probably more than a little cranky today, which is why I am grateful that staff holidays mean I have the office to myself for most of today. This allows me to stamp about, slam cupboards, aim the occasional slap in the direction of the printer and generally be in a foul mood without hurting anyone’s feelings or running the risk of getting fired for mistaking a member of staff for the printer.

Why do bad dreams possess such an ability to get under our skins and rattle us? Even now, hours after I got up, my mind is still wandering. I’m distracted, and I know it as I sit here and look through my list of things to do. I made that up on Friday, and right now I feel as if the organised person who made it up and left it on my desk can’t have been me.

There’s a guy outside my office right now, cleaning the windows. Quite an accomplishment when you consider I am two floors up, and even more impressive when you see he’s in a little basket, attached to a telescopic arm, which is itself attached to a truck, which has a guy driving it slowly round the building so he can clean all the windows. Truly I have struck my lowest ebb – as I sit here, I’m now coming to realise that the window cleaner is having more fun than I am.

Note – this is, obviously, just a minor setback. A brief bleak mood produced by a couple of nights of interrupted sleep by bad dreams. Normal service will be resumed from now on. I’m not going to be any more cheerful – fuck, whose blog have you been reading? – but I will at least try to restrain my inner pasty-faced teenager from getting out too much. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Bad dreams, cold nights and sunny days”

  1. SarahD Says:

    I find that the only bad dreams that have the ability to get under my skin are the ones where I think that I’m actually being given a message by via dream (by my subconscious, or by God) and a message I don’t like, to boot. Otherwise, most of my bad dreams, even some really awful ones, don’t bother me for long. I wake up, say “Oh, thank goodness that was just a dream!” and start feeling better immediately.

    BTW, re: the previous post, I used to have an “EXTERMINATE!” sound as my program error noise on my laptop. Heh heh heh. Oh, and poker players wear dark glasses so the other players can’t see their eyes and “read their tells”. Makes it easier to maintain the coveted “poker face”.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    I don’t know if I am being sent a message by some external force Sarah (though it is, I admit, a better explanation than “I just want to torture myself with sleep deprivation”) but that’s now three nights in a row…wish I could work out where the dreams were coming from. There’s obviously something working away at the back end of my subconscious. Ah well at least I know where I can write it down if I do work it out!

    The EX-TER-MI-NAAAATE sound would be so cool as an error message! My old Mac had a Cyberman saying “Excellent” when it shut down.

    Thanks for the poker info…feel rather foolish, should have thought of that one myself I suppose, makes perfect sense. Still looks silly though.

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