Nov 23

Someone told me today that there are only 31 shopping days left till Christmas, and I have to admit I was shocked. When the hell did it get so late in the year? You would think having a blog would help with the whole “keeping track of time” thing, but apparently not: I’m as hopelessly lost and ill-organised as ever, only now I have documentary evidence to show people. Actually, much as I am tempted to write some piece filled with sarcastic bile about the excesses of the festive period, I have to be honest and tell you that I really enjoy this time of year. In fact in many ways I think I enjoy the run-up to Christmas more than I enjoy the day itself…I wonder why that is?

Anyway, Christmas approaches and the usual list of plans and things to be worked out has presented itself: time to get down to work. So tell all – are your plans for Christmas underway? Have you even started preparing? Are you one of those scary people who have it all finished and done with by now?

Someone pass me a pen – I need to make a list and check it twice…

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  1. SarahD Says:

    Here in the States, I have a principled objection to conducting major Christmas preparations prior to Thanksgiving (let’s keep our holidays in order here, people!), although I confess I’ve been pondering the issue of what gifts to buy for several weeks now. I rarely make much progress before the first week or two in December though. I don’t like to buy presents too early, because what if the recipient goes and buys himself the very same thing before you get to give it to him? Dangerous, is what that is.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Oho, I forgot you lot did the whole Thanksgiving thing…boggles belief, it really does – as if one major event to plan for wasn’t enough, you stick another one right in there? :-)

    As for buying things too early I can see the danger Sarah…probably why my better half puts me under orders to buy NOTHING for myself from about mid-November! :-D

  3. MCF Says:



    ::runs aroun in a panic until hitting head on cwsgr::

    That so can’t be right. I was thinking about getting a jump on things too, but tomorrow IS Thanksgiving, and then black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

    Fortunately, I have some aunts, uncles and cousins I didn’t get to see last year and still have their presents wrapped up. Hopefully they’re still usable unless I forgot something important like ponies liking food….

  4. FawnDoo Says:

    Black Friday? That sounds positively terrifying! :-D Well good luck with your thanksgiving, hope you all enjoy it and don’t eat too much! :-)

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