Nov 20

…the time I almost slammed into Leonard Nimoy with enough force to knock him to the ground?

…the time my car skidded on ice and crashed into, of all things, a gritting lorry?

…how I became a lifelong sci-fi fan?

…how appearing on TV once got me into a lot of trouble at school? (funnily enough, this is related to the Leonard Nimoy story)

…the first time I held my brothers in my arms?

…the time I proposed?

…the time I danced in the rain with my better half?

…the best Christmas present I ever got?

…the first time I ever asked a girl out?

…my graduation?

Hmmmm. Thought I might have mentioned them some time along the way. Any one in particular you want to hear about first?

5 Responses to “Did I ever tell you about…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    #1 – “Gritting lorry”, that’s so cool. I imagine this is what we USAers call salt trucks … ?

    #2 – I remember some of the stories, but I would like to hear the “gritting lorry” (hee) story and the first time you ever asked a girl out. Those two I don’t remember.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Exactly right Kelly, salt trucks would be the USAer version! :-)

    Forgot to mention one story though, also car related: the time I collided with, of all things, a police car – so stick that in there if you like! :-D

  3. SarahD Says:

    Oooh, oooh, I wanna hear about the gritting lorry incident and the Leonard Nimoy incident!

    Re: the gritting lorry (or “sand truck” as I always called them), the worst car accident I’ve ever been in was a solo spinout on black ice, and the first car to come across the scene of our accident was, you guessed it, the sand truck that had been dispatched to gravel that stretch of road. Lovely timing, what?

  4. MCF Says:

    I’d like to hear how you became a lifelong sci-fi fan AND managed to still get engaged, before a Stargate no less. I bet it was because you were willing to dance in the rain. :)

  5. FawnDoo Says:

    You have gotta love the timing Sarah! :-D Sorry for laughing at that one, but it certainly is spectacular, I don’t think you could write that one in a comedy and have people believe it!

    The dancing in the rain helped with the engagement MCF, that I cannot deny, but what set me down that path to sci-fi fandom was surprisingly small…

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