Dec 31

I am still shouting this. A lot.

Right, here are some things I learned today:

  1. When you’re upgrading a WordPress installation and it tells you time and time again to make a backup of your database, it really really means it.
  2. If you’re nervous because you never upgraded a WordPress installation before and you think you have backed up the database, do make sure that you actually have backed it up before you do anything that involves deleting and replacing stuff.
  3. No, seriously, make sure. Make really sure. Go and check again.

I mention all of this because if, for example, it turns out that you didn’t backup the database after all, have lost everything and need to start from scratch, then you’re left sitting at a laptop feeling like a complete tit with an overwhelming urge to shout obscenties at the reflection staring out at you from the screen.

All of which leaves you with an expression like this:

Angry face

Above: What do you mean, you deleted the database?

So from me, and my safe pair of hands, I bid you goodnight.

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