Oct 18

Got this link from Kottke.org, which outlines the top 10 design mistakes people make with their blogs. So how many are you guilty of? Are you a blog design angel, or do you take demonic delight in confusing links and clashing colour schemes? And if you are, are you even sorry? Hell, I’m guilty of one of them in this very entry and I can’t say the sky has fallen down on me yet. Now if you’ll forgive me I am off to twirl my moustache, tie a girl to some railway lines and find some websites to terrorise. Mwahahaha.

5 Responses to “So, how many do you break?”

  1. TheWriteJerry Says:

    I don’t know how many I break. I couldn’t stand the design of that blog so I never read the list.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    There’s no doubt that the guy knows his stuff, but I find some of his points a little stuffy, if I’m honest. I’m all for making the web as accessible as possible but if it all just becomes standardised, I think it will lose a lot of appeal, a lot of creativity and a lot of individual flavour. What we have now might be imperfect, but at least it’s not THX 1138 out there. :-)

  3. FawnDoo Says:

    I have to add though, having read this article on Nielsen’s site, I am a bit concerned about where packages like Office (and others) might be going…have a look at the article. Is it just me, or is he describing what amounts to automated wizards with a few extra options? If so, I find this troubling – I’d rather learn the hard way and be able to create something I want from the ground up, rather than be stuck with the options a software package chooses to give me.

  4. MCF Says:

    anonymous √
    no photo √
    nondescript posting titles √
    links don’t say where they go √
    classic hits are buried…technically I relinked to a bunch for my anniversary, but soon that post will be buried so √
    calendar is only navigation √
    irregular posting frequency X nope, every day
    mixing topics √
    forgetting that you write for your future boss…um, no?
    having a domain name owned by a weblog service √

    Guilt of almost all of them, and I don’t think it’s a sin. I do this for fun, and to communicate with other like-minded individuals in the world. Some of his points are too limiting…I LIKE my links to be surprises and, in some cases, there’s a humorous payoff in the unexpected. I could see categorizing posts…pretty cool how sites like the Happy Husband do that. I don’t think I’m writing for a future boss or that ANY boss will know of its existence. For one thing I wouldn’t be looking for a writing gig and for another, I’m anonymous.

    Jerry, on the other hand, should worry. ;)

  5. FawnDoo Says:

    I like the idea of categorised posts, places like Dooce do that and it’s quite a handy feature. As for writing for your future boss, I found that a strange notion indeed – if we all approached life with that in mind, we’d end up doing nothing at all for fear that we might piss someone off in the future.

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