Sep 29

I’m not one for nature, but every now and again it throws one hell of a scary curve ball that shows that sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. Go read and wonder what’s down there – and if you like, go visit the page with the audio file and listen to it too. I’m not going to say anymore, just wonder.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous (tip of the hat to the inestimable for this one) with the Million Dollar Homepage. One of those simple ideas that has you slapping your forehead and crying out “Why didn’t I think of that?” at the top of your voice. Then again, what was that they said about one being born every minute?

2 Responses to “A bloop on the radar”

  1. BearSimon Says:

    The Chinese Million Dollar Homepage????? has been so successful that it catches eyes of not only English speakers but also people of other nations.

    A Million Dollar Homepage in Chinese( ) was launched last week, which grows so fast that it was listed on Alexa’s Mover & Shakers (Chinese website) after only one week, whose traffic rank rise up by 4,000%. ( )

    Even Alexa noticed this Chinese “copycat”, and mentioned its existence.( )

    The Chinese Million Dollar Homepage is designed particularly for Chinese visitors and their block/grid (13×13 pixels) is also larger than the Million Dollar Homepage (10×10 pixels) as Chinese Characters are larger than English letters. On the other hand, the price is set for local market, RMB(Chinese Dollar)100 for each, each is a lot more affordable than US$100.

    According to a Chinese blogger, the Chinese Million Dollar Homepage has been very hot among Chinese bloggers, and it’s been also reported by several major professional Chinese ICPs. And the owners wrote on their blog that, the traffic had grown so fast that they had to purchase their own server only 5 days after it launched .

    The Chinese Million Dollar Homepage also has an English ntroduction page( ), which promotes itself as a cost-effective way of reaching Chinese market, in which 60 million people surf Internet. It accepts payment in US$ via Paypal and US$15 per block for people who are not able to pay RMB(Chinese Dollar).

    But the Chinese culture is quite different from the Western culture, will it succeed as the English one? Let’s see.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Hmmm, again not sure if this is comment spam, but time to pull up the drawbridge just to make sure. Comment verification is now on folks, sorry for any inconvenience.

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