Apr 13

Time off, I am coming to realise, is something of a mixed blessing for me.

On the one hand it is good to have some time away from my desk and the pressures of work. I’m enjoying the chance to get some rest, watch DVDs, catch up on my reading, listen to music and even surf the daytime TV channels and just enjoy the sunlight coming in through the windows. Time off reminds me that I work to live, not the other way around, which is a trap I fall into all too easily.

On the other hand, time off removes structure from my day and I eventually turn night into day and lose track of time completely. I sleep later, I stay up later and one day runs into another in very short order. Say what you like about work, at least it gives your day a basic structure that can be worked with. When I’m off that structure collapses pretty quickly for me, which has the end result of my being incredibly tired when I do go back to work because my sleep pattern has been knocked all to hell.

I’ve taken yesterday and today off of work, and have enjoyed myself immensely. Unlike my previous long weekend, which was quite a productive effort, this one has been far more laid back. I finished watching Firefly on DVD (the end credits on the last episode rolled with my better half and I shouting “And they cancelled THIS?!?!?!?”) and started in on my Battlestar Galactica (remake) DVD boxset. I’m continuing to enjoy reading my way through “The Republic” (heavy going, but rewarding) and have developed a worrying taste for shopping channels. I even got the chance to kick back on Saturday night and watch the new Doctor Who episode without having to record it.

Oh, and I slept a lot.

The end result of which is that my sense of time is pretty screwed up. I’ve always been a night owl and I spend most nights up late, but as I sit and write this it’s 10pm and I’m worryingly perky. I swear my body thinks it’s only 4pm. I can see me being very quiet at work tomorrow, just concentrating on working through my backlog of emails and not collapsing onto my desk in a snoring heap.

Hell, I’ve even run up against the deadline for the Blog Party, which will never do. Turning up at a party fashionably late is one thing, but missing it entirely just isn’t cricket.

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