Apr 05

Seems MCF is in the process of organising himself another Blog Party, so as a good neighbour I’ll find it in myself to chip in. This time the subject of conversation is your top five heroes of all time: comics, cartoon, books, film, anything would seem to be up for grabs. So expect some spandex clad, lantern jawed and quite possibly kryptonite-fearing shenanigans to come your way on the day of the party, which is next Tuesday, the 12th of April.

MCF's Blog Party III - Heroes

I’ll need to get my thinking cap on for this one. The last one seemed to be easier than this. Maybe that just means I’m not very heroic (no great surprise there) or I’m heroic, but more comedic with it. And just so you know the amount of times I have typed “herioc” into this damned thing doing this is just not funny. Three times on the title line alone.

I’ll also host my own blog party at one point soon, so watch out.

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