Nov 04

1) I have iTunes 6 on my PC at work.

2) I have iTunes 4 on my Mac at home.

3) I download music on my work PC because I have a faster connection.

4) I then put it on my iPod.

5) I back up my purchased music and take it home to put on my Mac (the PC isn’t mine, after all)

6) I can then play my music at home. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt.

7) A week or so ago I upgraded to the very latest version of iTunes at work.

8) Today I took a backup of my newest purchased music and imported it to my iTunes library at home.

9) iTunes 4 (on my Mac) won’t play newly purchased music until I upgrade to iTunes 6 at home. Cue hours of watching my slow-ass home connection try to download the newest version of iTunes.

10) Hence the counting to 10 to calm down.