Nov 04

1) I have iTunes 6 on my PC at work.

2) I have iTunes 4 on my Mac at home.

3) I download music on my work PC because I have a faster connection.

4) I then put it on my iPod.

5) I back up my purchased music and take it home to put on my Mac (the PC isn’t mine, after all)

6) I can then play my music at home. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt.

7) A week or so ago I upgraded to the very latest version of iTunes at work.

8) Today I took a backup of my newest purchased music and imported it to my iTunes library at home.

9) iTunes 4 (on my Mac) won’t play newly purchased music until I upgrade to iTunes 6 at home. Cue hours of watching my slow-ass home connection try to download the newest version of iTunes.

10) Hence the counting to 10 to calm down.

2 Responses to “Counting to 10”

  1. MCF Says:

    I’ve been counting to 10 all week. It’s getting so NOTHING works on my Mac.(although I’m hoping the various blogger problems will have been fixed by today’s network update–crossing fingers)

    Maybe it’s time to consider a fast-ass connection at home? I endured dialup for a good 7 years before I caved and got DSL. Don’t know if I could ever go back.

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    After all my bitching and moaning, I just set it to download and then went out for some shopping…by the time I got back it was done! :-) However another “count to 10” moment with Apple occurred when my Mac told me that for iTunes to work properly, I have to install Quicktime 7!

    I’m definitely thinking about broadband MCF – I enjoy having a faster connection at work and having to come back home to slow dialup is fast becoming very tired. What are you going to do about your Mac? Some maintenance, or are you going to have to start stripping it back and building it back up again?

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