Nov 09

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And after GAME’s response to me, my response to GAME. If any of you have an allergy to fictional spice…well, don’t worry, none of that here!

Thank you for getting back to me on this, I appreciate your response.

Also, thanks for the apology. I have gone over what happened last night a few times in my head and while I did challenge the position being put to me, don’t think that I was unreasonable or rude in any way or at any point and didn’t intend for it to be a problem. If I needed both bits of paper and the manager had confirmed this, fine and dandy, but he didn’t. He immediately went on the attack and closed off any other route to a solution. I don’t even think I was pompous or arrogant, but perhaps those words are a case of “least said, soonest mended”.

I’m not sure why the manager didn’t explore other solutions to the problem with me, especially as tweets received from a GAME staff member indicate that there’s a simple enough one that could have been used (claim the £5 back within 28 days of release – seems easy enough).

I’m pleased that the matter is being looked into but would still, if possible, like to meet with the regional manager to discuss the issue in person. I understand that GAME will need to investigate and take any appropriate steps internally and that I don’t have any business hearing about those – fair enough – but I feel strongly that the treatment I received was unacceptable and would like the opportunity to get this across in person if at all possible. I don’t for a minute think that my emails will be ignored but there are times when emails do the job, and times when you want to see someone and talk to them face-to-face. This is a face-to-face sort of thing.

Your gesture of a goodie bag is appreciated, but really not necessary. Tell you what, if you want to go about restoring my faith in GAME, take the price of one copy of MW3, stick my £5 refund onto it, and get GAME to donate £50 to Macmillan Cancer Support: – if you do that, we can talk a little more about my faith and it’s current level of restoration! :-)

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I really don’t, but I don’t want extras or anything out of this beyond the apologies I mentioned on my initial letter. The apology from the manager is my sticking point – while I want the company to apologise (and I know, you already have, and thank you) when it comes down to it, *he* did wrong and he needs to make that right. Or at the very least acknowledge that he did wrong.

Anyway, thank you for your help with this. I look forward to your response and still hold the faint hope that some element of this might yet involve the Saville-related flourish I mentioned in my letter!

I know it probably makes me sound like a complete arse, but I want that apology. As the CEO of GAME has been tweeting me about this and assures me that “lessons will be learned”, might this not be a good point for him to lead by example and issue an apology from his office? And while he’s at it, maybe ask one of his managers to apologise for so mismanaging a situation with a reasonable customer? God knows, in the (depressingly many) times in my life when I have been a dick I have always managed to do the right thing, go back and say sorry even though it was pretty far down the list of things I would like to do.

So let’s see it. You want my faith in GAME restored? Let’s see them satisfy one of the first lessons my mum and dad taught me – you do wrong, you say sorry.

6 Responses to “GAME: Leave it, Frank!”

  1. Mike P Says:

    Buddy, your complaint is valid – but GAME doesn’t owe you anything less than a fiver, and I think you’re being pretty cheeky to expect anything other than that. It isn’t coming out of the pocket of the neanderthal you had to deal with in the shop.

  2. ItsAllSoFunny Says:

    “Your gesture of a goodie bag is appreciated, but really not necessary. Tell you what, if you want to go about restoring my faith in GAME, take the price of one copy of MW3, stick my £5 refund onto it, and get GAME to donate £50 to Macmillan Cancer Support: – if you do that, we can talk a little more about my faith and it’s current level of restoration! :-) ”
    I myself give to the Macmillan Cancer Support every month,and this comment made you look ridiculous. This is clearly something you added for the sole purpose of this blog.
    I’m completely behind you in terms of seeking decent customer service, but I know that when two people are involved in a situation there are three sides of the story. The point of view from each person involved, and the truth, as a persons mind does not completely remember past occurrences, no matter how recent. Your brain fills in the gaps assuming them to be correct, or, completely ignores them. Unless of course, you have an eidetic memory (which I’m assuming you don’t as most people do not, I’m not making a snap judgement). I know your wife overheard the whole conversation, but sadly, another party willing to back you up from the start of the situation is an unreliable source of the truth.
    I’m working on the assumption that you may have acted in a way that has spurred, what you believe to be, an unreasonable reaction to your query, but, caught up in the moment, you have failed to remember this (or even acknowledge it).
    Sadly we will never know, as this is your account of what transpired within the store. Its not the point of view from the manager, and it will not be the total truth.

  3. FawnDoo Says:

    Hi Mike – it wasn’t my intention to be cheeky, and I didn’t ask for anything at first beyond an apology and my £5 back. To be honest I only asked for the donation because GAME themselves were the ones who added in the element of giving something away to “restore my faith” in their brand. I don’t want a branded goodie bag, but if they feel they need to make a gesture I thought I might as well ask if they could make it a good one. Cheeky? Maybe, but in my defense it’s not as if I pulled it out of nowhere and suddenly started asking for more stuff. I’m just suggesting an alternative to their idea of giving me something.

    Thanks for the response though – appreciated!

  4. FawnDoo Says:

    Hello ItsAllSoFunny – you know, given what you go on to say, there’s an element of irony in that choice of name! :-) As a matter of fact I support Macmillan on a monthly basis myself. The suggestion wasn’t stuck in there “for the sole purpose of this blog” but rather as a result of me thinking that it was nice of GAME to try to restore my faith in their brand, but I really don’t want a goodie bag. Rather than say “thanks but no thanks” to the nice woman I dealt with yesterday (who really was nice to speak to) I thought to suggest an alternative. So you know, any time you would like to apologise for that one, you just go right on ahead and feel free.

    As for my wife – you obviously don’t know her! She has, believe it or not, a moral sense of her own and if I was wrong, she’s call me on it. She has before and I don’t doubt for a second that she would again.

    I didn’t do anything that deserved or called for the level of response that I got, and that’s the honest truth. I have already stated on the initial letter that I was slightly irritated at the initial knock-back, but that was strictly at the “Seriously? Can’t you just use this? It is a receipt of the sale, after all” sort of level. Had I booted over a display, started swearing and promptly defecated on the shop floor I might have understood a more extreme reaction but I didn’t. :-) As a matter of fact I *had the money out and in my hand* when the first “take it or leave it” sailed over the horizon into the conversation.

    But that dig about the Macmillan thing? Seriously, crossed a line there.

  5. Robbie H Says:

    Personally, I think the cancer research idea is beautiful.

    I hope they make the donation!

  6. FawnDoo Says:

    They did indeed make the donation, Robbie – am posting latest updates now. As I’ve said I never approached this thinking “What can I get out of them?”, it was just when they suddenly stuck the offer of a goodie bag on the table I thought that it might be better to get something out of this that does a bit of good. Unlike a goodie bag which, despite having “good” right in there in the name, would have been landfill fodder within a month.

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