Jun 07

Interesting piece over at Kottke.org about a new blogging service that includes a “question of the day” service for its users. Log in, answer the question and boom, that’s a blog post right there. It sounds like a good idea (and one we’ll probably see sneaking into other blogging services here and there, same way every new computer seemed to feature coloured translucent plastic after the first iMacs landed on the scene) and one I wouldn’t mind trying out just to see what it’s like, but I wonder if it would somehow change the experience of blogging for me. When I sit down to write something here I usually have something in mind: an idea, half-formed and ready to be typed up and put out there. Would a “question of the day” service remove that need to come to the table with an idea, as one would be provided when you log in?

I don’t think it would limit creativity at all, I just can’t help but wonder if it would shift the emphasis of a blog from “here is something I want to talk about” to “here is the answer to the question I’ve just been asked”. Some of the stuff I’m most pleased with here has been the result of entirely random thoughts, and sometimes bears little or no relation to what I sat down to write in the first place. If I had been faced with a question when I logged in, would those posts exist at all?

And yes, I know this is blogging about blogging, and I don’t care. In fact if someone links to this post and writes about it, they will score the hat trick of blogging about me blogging about blogging. Then I could write about them. My god, this could be huge!

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  1. MCF Says:

    Oddly enough, I just posted questions for my readers. I too like the free nature of “here’s what’s on my mind today”, although questions can prompt eqally great essays as we all learn more about each other. I don’t think blogging should be reduced to a template though, everybody writes about topic X on tuesday, Y on Wednesday etc. I wouldn’t go for a daily question mold, but once in a while would be fun.

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