May 23

Lesbian Vampire Killers movie! (don’t worry, the link is safe!)

Questions abound about this one, and not just the ones on good taste. Does the film tell the story of two lesbians who just happen to be vampire killers? Or, does it depict the tale of lesbian vampires being killed? There are potentially two films right there, and in the interests of the viewing public and the money they will be putting down for tickets, I think the boiled egg of infinity would be remiss not to explore it.

Would people rather see lesbians killing vampires, or people killing lesbian vampires? If the first then surely “Lesbians kill Vampires!” would reflect this with greater clarity. If the second then “Kill the Lesbian Vampires” would un-muddy the waters. Both titles seem to work – they have the lesbianism (check), the vampiric angle (check) and the general killingness (check) so I can’t imagine there would be a problem adopting either one. My god, I should be in the movies. Except that I’m not a lesbian or a vampire, so probably not this one.

I expect more staples of the horror movie genre to take this excellent example to (staked) heart and become more inclusive in the 21st century. Think of the next generation of horror movies to reach out to the gay market. The Mummy Meets The Mummy. Confused Teenage Werewolf. The Homoerotic Adventures of Van Helsing. You may sneer now but in years to come they’ll be looking down at you from HD-DVD collections everywhere.

Final question is, if I keep typing “lesbian” and “vampire” enough, will my blog’s hit count increase at all?

2 Responses to “What I want to know is…”

  1. TheWriteJerry Says:

    I think the ambiguity of the title will draw more intrigue and press coverage. As speculation runs wild, so does anticipation and advanced ticket sales.

  2. MCF Says:

    Absolutely your hit count will spike. When I was starting out, my review of Lady Death included the (paradoxical) phrase “demon lesbian consorts’. That post did VERY well search engine wise, and still gets the occasional hit even now. :)

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