May 13

This is the best toy ever. I know it might look like something you would find stocked in your friendly neighbourhood sex shop under the D section, but it is in fact the sonic screwdriver, used by time lords the universe over to combat evil, fight the good fight and put up any shelves that need fixing. My friend Donny bought me one for my birthday (December 29th, for those of you out there with good memories and generous spending habits) and it’s just turned out to be the best toy ever.

It doesn’t do much – press a button and it makes a high pitched whirring sound as the end lights up. Press it again and it makes a slightly different whirring sound. What it does do, however, and does very well indeed, is appeal to every geeky instinct currently known to man. You pick it up, you wave it over something, it goes “WoooOOOooOOOoo” and suddenly you could be the Doctor. You’re almost there. Aside from not having two hearts, the ability to regenerate and a time travel machine of course. Minor details though. You have the thing that goes “WoooOOOoOOooo” so what more do you need?

What amused me most of all was that after Donny had given me my present we found that you needed…guess what…a screwdriver to get the batteries into the sonic screwdriver. Someone out there in the BBC toy design department is a genius.

It’s also a top notch toy for tormenting and playing with cats. I don’t know if it’s the sound or the blue light, but they try to beat the crap out of it when you touch their paws with it. Great stuff.

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