Jun 28

I’m pissed off with work today. Not much new there really, except for the degree to which I’m pissed off, which is much higher than usual. So it’s an unexpected pleasure for me to be able to say that something managed to put a dent in my foul mood and make me smile. From a review of the new Tekken game for the PS2:

“On a similar theme, Tekken’s eager-to-please designers have been swiping ideas from other games like fat kids in an understaffed cake shop.”

It’s lines like that that make me surf the web, you know that? God bless the electronic age.

4 Responses to “Best review line EVER”

  1. TheWriteJerry Says:

    Interesting, because where I work, eager-to-not-stretch-their-minds marketing people and executives often swipe and then suck the life out of ideas like drunkards in an ungaurded brewery…

  2. MCF Says:

    LOL @ the Tekken Review quote. Awesome.

  3. FawnDoo Says:

    Would that be just a tiny hint of work-based dissatisfaction, Jerry? ;-)

    MCF, glad you liked – it was the one thing that managed to make me laugh in my crappy day at work yesterday, so I’m glad it’s powers worked on others besides me.

  4. TheWriteJerry Says:

    Oh, I’m not dissatisfied with my work, just with the executives/corporate structure.

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