Jun 27

And that old phrase is “If brains were dynamite, he/she wouldn’t have enough to blow his/her nose.” With the onset of summer and an unusually warm burst of weather (in Scotland, summer doesn’t usually go hand in hand with warm weather – it just means the gulf between nice weather and us is a little wider than usual) my brains must, running that old phrase in reverse, be composed of a critical mass of some fissile material far more powerful than mere dynamite. Maybe I even have antimatter up there. Because I have to own up now, I have been blowing my nose a lot lately. Oh and sneezing, but not your ordinary “atchoo” sneezes, oh no. The huge, body-shaking sneezes. One after another after another until my body hurts. Then there are the streaming, itchy eyes.

Ah yes, summer is upon us, and so is my annual hayfever hell.

It might come as no surprise to hear that I like the winter. No bugs, no pollen, no hayfever, no sneezing. You also get Christmas, cold days, dark nights (which always make home feel warmer for some reason) and did I mention no sneezing? None of this allergy malarkey to bother me in the winter, oh no. However here I am, in the summer, trying my best to get through it. This year I am trying regular vitamin pills (a family member told me that was a possible cure), antihistamines (might as well keep the old classics on the go) and am even trying homepathic remedies (local honey and some other stuff) to try to soothe the symptoms. If I don’t start rattling from all the pills I’ll be a very lucky ‘doo.

Hence my week of complete off-the-radar quietness. With this first week of severe hayfever, I have been spending my days in misery and my evenings in the charming pastime of feeling sorry for myself, watching DVDs and being a complete couch potato. Now I have that first week under my belt it’s easier to deal with the symptoms and just get on, so I’m not going to wallow any more. Isn’t it strange that pollen – something microscopic – can have such a powerful effect upon some of us? Makes me look at “War of the Worlds” in a whole new way. Of course I don’t have the cool tripods or heat rays, but you can’t have everything.


5 Responses to “There’s an old phrase…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Oh, allergies are the worst and I feel for ya. I’ve been doing the local honey thing for about a year now, and it’s been helping somewhat. Also, someone at work swears by vitamin C to fix those allergies right up. So it sounds like you’re on the right track. Of course, it never works as fast as popping some pharmacuticals, but those can only mess you up in the long run.

    I hope you’re feeling better and will have some more “feeling good” time to blog! It was good to see a new post on The Boiled Egg. :)

  2. FawnDoo Says:

    Well right now the three pronged assault (pharmaceuticals, homeopathics and vitamins) are managing to keep it at bay, but I am worried that the antihistamines aren’t having as big an effect on me as they have in previous years: can you build up a resistance to these things?

    Thanks for the sympathy Kelly, I appreciate it. I’m back, bullish and better than ever! Just with red eyes, a runny nose and a tendency to sneeze a lot! ;-)

  3. Meepers Says:

    Oh man, do I hear ya. Funny how mixed up our bodies can get about what is good and what is bad.

    I seem to get a resurgence of allergy issues every time I move, but after the first year things calm down quite a bit. Thus, last year made me feel like I had a constant cold.

    There are allergy elimination plans out there that do make a difference. Google or check Amazon for a book by that very name, I think it might give you some insight. Then again, I’ve been spouting off a lot lately and it seems I know nothing after all.

  4. Lorna Says:

    As a virtually allergy-free person, I don’t understand but sympathize—all my family has allergies, and go through the same adjustment. It’s painful to watch, but that’s small comfort. Winter does have some advantages, but not that you’d notice them in Ottawa, unless you were the owner of a ski store or one of those all-weather masochists.
    Nice to see you back.

  5. FawnDoo Says:

    Meepers, thanks for the lead on the books, I will have a look through the best of Google and Amazon’s offerings today. Must say the thing that’s working best at the moment is the Scrubs season 1 DVD set, at least that is making me laugh instead of focus on the fact that my head feels like it’s the size of a zeppelin.

    I was about to ask what you meant, btw, about the “spouting off” comment but now that I’m catching up on my blogroll reading I don’t have to. Stiff upper lip there – you fought your corner, said what you had to say and stuck to your guns. Entirely admirable as far as I’m concerned.

    And thank you Lorna – nice to be back. Care to swap for a week and you can take my allergies while I get to experience summer like everyone else? ;-)

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